Checklist 4Sf

Checklist for Salesforce

Implement Procedures, Methodologies and Compliance with ease.

Use Checklists to achieve repeatable, reliable outcomes.

Checklist Editor

Extend Salesforce Tasks

  • Native Salesforce application
  • Create Tasks from Checklists for any Salesforce or Custom Objects
  • Turn Tasks info a Workflow with dependencies
  • Step-by-Step guidance with Microtasks
  • Create Tasks manually or automatically
  • Start Flows at Task start or completion
  • All Salesforce Editions, Lightning and Classic UI

Feature Summary

  • You can can add checklists manually to any objects, creating Salesforce Tasks.
  • Checklists can be general or for specific Salesforce or Custom objects (e.g. Accounts, Opportunities) - and can be restricted to certain criteria, e.g. Accounts with a Rating of Warm.
  • You can also create the tasks automatically e.g. for all new or specific Accounts or when an Opportunity is won.
  • Tasks assigned to the Owner, a specific user - or use any user reference.
  • Checklist for Processes Checklists can be simple task lists - for a single or multiple users. Add dependencies, creating a workflow.
  • Now, Tasks can be executed in the proper sequence. The Task Status is automatically updated from Waiting to Not Started for the dependent tasks.
Checklist 4Sf

Task Management

Manage Tasks and Instances

  • View all your Due - Open - or all Tasks
  • View Tasks not owned by you (and you have access to)
  • Complete Tasks with a single click
  • Complete Micro-Tasks (steps within a task)
  • Use Variables to populate Task Subject and Comment
    (e.g. name, phone numbers, links, ...)

Open Tasks

Query by Status, User, Object or Checklist.

Check Task Status and Progress

Open Tasks

In addition to the standard Salesforce Task management, use Open Tasks to check progress on with or without details.

Checklist Instances

View all Tasks by Record with progress and next Task, and Assignee

Checklist Instances